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Look Listen Announces Joint Venture with OTHRSource

Forming OTHRDigital, a data-first digital marketing consultancy focused on CPG brands

Mark Feinberg

Q&A With OTHRSource CEO Mark Feinberg On Helping Emerging Food And Beverage Brands Battle COVID-19

Q&A with Feinberg on how his service becomes increasingly pivotal to small CPG brands’ success in retail amid COVID-19, and a newly added e-commerce platform OTHRStore that includes a growing number of superfood snacks, crafted jerky, and dairy-free items

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Food Logistics

How Technology Helps Frontline Workers Keep Grocery Store Shelves Stocked

Today’s technology is making transitions as smooth as possible, providing services that fulfill the immediate needs for retailers and brands. Be sure to take advantage of these resources to ensure shelves remain stocked and shoppers maintain access to everything they need to protect themselves and their families. 


UnderWing Health and OTHRSource Partner to Launch 24/7 Health & Wellness Program for On-Demand Essential Workforce

UnderWing Health has partnered with OTHRSource Brand Helper Network to launch the OTHRSource Health & Wellness Program.

grocery store worker counting stock

Created By Emerging Brands for Emerging Brands: OTHRSource Helps Challengers Restock with Speed

We sat down with OTHRSource CEO Mark Feinberg to discuss how this unique technology is helping emerging brands get back on shelves faster and is keeping grocery stores stocked.


OTHRSource Launches Online Emerging Brand Marketplace OTHRStore

OTHRSource, a leader in on-demand retail merchandising and in-store solutions for challenger brands, today announced the launch of OTHRStore, an exclusive and highly-curated online marketplace designed to help emerging brands sell direct-to-consumers.

Our Story

The story of OTHRSource starts as any good story should: with ice cream. High Road Ice Cream, an emerging brand based in Atlanta, Georgia, was excited to see their business expand regionally to mainstream retailers. But with this new success came problems familiar to most emerging brands: in-store execution was poor. Their product wasn’t being stocked quickly enough and often the price was incorrect or promotions weren’t being properly advertised. High Road ended up hiring a mainstream merchandising company, and it helped: volume and velocity ultimately increased! But in the end, it was too expensive and wasn’t flexible enough for their needs. So they decided to develop a shared-economy merchandising model, which finally, finally gave them the merchandising help they needed at a cost they could afford. And that’s how OTHRSource was born. Pretty sweet, right?

OTHRSource can help your emerging brand thrive.

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