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Challenges of Retail

The OTHRSource team is made up of emerging brand veterans. We know the feeling of victory that comes when you land on retail shelves. And we know the feeling that comes when you start to discover the many challenges of retail: zero visibility of your product on the shelf, out of stocks, incorrect pricing, poorly executed promos, missing tags, competitive pressures—and that's just the beginning.

$0 Billion

Lost to out of stocks


Out-of-stocks that are in the store but not on the shelf


Sales increase as a result of merchandising

Retail In Store Support Services With OTHRSource

We also know the cost of merchandising, which mitigates all of these issues, is often far beyond what you can afford.

OTHRSource leverages the power of passionate people to provide the resources you need at a fraction of the cost. With our crowd-sourcing model, you can save up to 50% over traditional merchandising companies, all with a simple flat-pricing model and no long-term contracts.

How It Works

We’ll work with you to create a customized merchandising plan that fits your company. Maybe you’re an ice cream company who wants to check for frost buildup. Or maybe you’re a refrigerated juice company who needs to know that your product is being kept at the correct temperature. Or maybe you’d like to stick to the more traditional slate of retail merchandising services. Whatever you need, we can help.

Once we have a plan in place, our Brand Helpers execute the strategy using our easy-to-follow app. All of the people working with your products go through an extensive training process, so they know exactly how to present your brand in the best possible way. And they love what you’re selling, so they’re always looking for ways to help you succeed.

When they’re finished, you can see the results with photographs, data analysis, and our personalized reports.

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