Our service offerings, from webinars to sales, are geared toward placing brands in regional and national retail stores. For manufacturers just starting out, we recommend our monthly webinars. For established brands looking to target regional or national retailers, we recommend partnering with us in regional and national sales. Whether you choose to join our webinars or to start with full benefit of our sales team (or both), everything we do is geared towards helping you approach and grow in regional and national retail.


In one recent success story, BluePrint, an organic cold-pressed juice from the national parent company Hain Celestial (multi-billion dollar company) utilized OTHRSource’s platform to provide regional support across their entire Whole Foods presence. Upon campaign completion, the increase in product sales was over 40% and far outpaced the initial investment made with OTHRSource. That increase in sales and velocity resulted in BluePrint expanding their OTHRSource program nationally.

It all started in 2004 at a college tailgate party down south. Michael (the founder of Firebud Brands) decided to roast a whole pig... not an easy task. This took him and his buddies 20 hours, while adding a little of this and that to make sure the meat was tender, juicy, and delicious. After hog came off the heat and everyone gave it a try, they thought everyone HAD to try this sauce. It was to die for. That was the beginning for Firebud’s Slap sauce. They have expanded and added two more sauces to their collection.

OTHRSource works to make sure the Firebud shelves are restocked and cleaned-up so the brand comes off in the best possible light for our loyal customers. OTHRSource provides Firebud with in-store photos of whichever stores we would like help in. They have been super flexible with Firebud during their peak seasons and slow seasons as well.


Ever since using OTHRSource in May of this year, Firebud sales have increased by 40% and they achieved their goal of getting picked up by another major distributor.

"OTHRSource takes away the fear of the unknown when merchandising your products. Since you can't be everywhere all the time, they provide you peace of mind knowing your products will be stocked and looking the way you intended them to on the shelf."

Michael McCord
CEO and Founder

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