About OTHRSource

Customized Merchandising Services

How OTHRSource Works

OTHRSource was designed to help emerging brands not just survive, but thrive in retail markets. We do this by providing affordable merchandising services like price checking, restocking, and generally making products look great on the shelf.

To do this, we harness the passion of creative individuals who want to see their favorite brands succeed. We call these individuals Brand Helpers. Our Brand Helpers get the opportunity to make a difference, while making extra money on their own schedule.

We like to think of it as bringing fun brands and passionate people together. This ultimately creates brand ambassadors who give emerging brands the extra boost they need to succeed in the world of retail.

Our Story

The story of OTHRSource starts as any good story should: with ice cream. High Road Ice Cream, an emerging brand based in Atlanta, Georgia, was excited to see their business expand regionally to mainstream retailers. But with this new success came problems familiar to most emerging brands: in-store execution was poor. Their product wasn’t being stocked quickly enough and often the price was incorrect or promotions weren’t being properly advertised. High Road ended up hiring a mainstream merchandising company, and it helped: volume and velocity ultimately increased! But in the end, it was too expensive and wasn’t flexible enough for their needs. So they decided to develop a shared-economy merchandising model, which finally, finally gave them the merchandising help they needed at a cost they could afford. And that’s how OTHRSource was born. Pretty sweet, right?

Our Team

The OTHRSource team now consists of experts within a number of fields: CPG, technology, marketing, culinary and finance—just to name a few. The team has been a part of many successful brands, so we understand the secrets to success for up-and-coming brands.

OTHRSource can help your emerging brand thrive.

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