Brand Helpers

Earn money and help the brands you love.


Get affordable, customized merchandising services.

Bringing Brands and Fans Together

OTHRSource helps emerging brands succeed in the challenging world of retail with affordable, professional retail in-store support services like restocking and price checks.

And we provide fun, flexible careers to passionate individuals who want to help their favorite up-and-coming brands. 

For Emerging Brands

See exactly what is happening with your product in stores thousands of miles away.

For emerging brands, succeeding in the world of retail is extremely challenging. Most companies don’t have the money or resources to check every store, and traditional retail merchandising companies are simply out of reach financially.

You may be losing sales every day due to expired products, empty shelves, and pricing mistakes.

With OTHRSource, you can get the help you need at a fraction of the cost, with an affordable, simple price structure and no long-term contracts. We create a customized retail in-store support plan customized merchandising services to fit your company. Our Brand Helpers go through an extensive training process, so they know exactly how to present your brand in the best possible light.

Our Retail Merchandising Services

OTHRSource provides a range of in-store support services from merchandising to competitor/pricing analysis to real-time reporting and analytics.

Become a Brand Helper

Make extra money on your own schedule

Do you want to see more of your favorite brands in stores across the country? Now you can help make that a reality!

Our app-based opportunities mean you can make quick money doing only the jobs that you select (we call them OPPs). Often, you can do a job or two (or more!) in just a few minutes while you’re doing your own shopping.

Brand Helpers are the core of this company. Are you ready to earn some extra cash while making a difference in the world of retail?

Do you think OTHRSource might be a good fit for you?

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